Hartz Chicken
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Hartz Chicken

Hartz Chicken - (979) 265-1045

Founded in 1972, the first Hartz Chicken started from humble beginnings. Its goal was a simple one; dish out some of the best fried chicken the south has ever tasted. In addition to its delicious fried chicken, customers loved its southern style dishes, homemade rolls, and exceptional customer service. In the 70’s and 80’s, news of its delicious fare quickly spread, and Hartz Chicken grew throughout Houston.

Although Hartz Chicken has changed over the years, its spirit remains the same. The present Hartz Chicken concept has evolved from take-out fast food, to one that combines drive-thru, take-out, delivery, and restaurant dining. Our concept has shifted from limited menu fast service, to one that features a full scale “all you can eat” buffet. Customers are still free to order from the menu, but it’s the “all you can eat” buffet that truly distinguishes Hartz Chicken from its more traditional fast food chicken competitors (or contemporaries if competitor is too strong of a word). Our buffet includes golden Krispy Chicken, baked chicken, chicken tenders, livers, gizzards, Tejas wings™, Krispy fish, famous homemade yeast rolls, steamed vegetables, casseroles, salads, and desserts. Buffet and menu items will vary from one location to another.

Today, Hartz has grown to over 65 stores domestically and internationally. Even with all that growth, our restaurants remain dedicated to the recipes and time honored traditions instilled by that very first Hartz Chicken restaurant. Our goal is to provide delicious food at exceptional prices and outstanding customer service. From our kitchen to yours, thank you and welcome.

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